World of Darkness; Darkness Fall

The Other Side Of The Curtain: part 2

Wallpaper 32304

Music: A Dark Knight Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
Location: Unknown

The PC`S awake in the morning, go upstairs and take the brakfeast at the same time as Firewall who happen to be already up.Verbena come and join a little bit later the PC`S and continue the conversation about the recents events and some questionning about their secret society.Verbena tell the PC`S the plan of the day and the necessity to inform them about the reality of this society like the rules and the real implications of beign part of this group.A little bit later, all the members of the HERMETIC SOCIETY OF THE DAWN are gathered in the living room with KYVEN, BARMAN AND X.Some explanations are offered but the answers only bring more questions and more shadows over an alreary darkened world.To make things simple, Verbena show the PC a example of the “talents” possible.She concentrate on X and within seconds, X start to cry without any explanations.Verbana explain that she have the ability to enter the mind of anyone and influence any emotions.With awe, KAVEN ,BARMAN AND X wonder a little about what else is possible.Before the end of this meeting,Illuminatus state that for them to “help them in their introduction” to this new reality,they [the hermetic dawn],need to know about their capacity to work as a team.For this,Illuminatus gave them a assigment.The PC need to investigate about the strange statuette and need to collect the maximum of info about it.They have 1 week to do this and they will be brought back to Chicago for this.They leave tomorrow in the middle of the day.


The PC without wasting time, start their investigation on the statuette but for this, they need to have it back from Mr.Anderson who live next door.BARMAN go ask for the statuette and he`s answered by Monikain a more relaxed mood.She invite BARMAN to wait a little,the time to go fetch the thing from upstairs.After a couple of minutes,the statuette is back in PC`S hands.During that time, X works the computer available inside the living room of the HERMETIC SOCIETY OF THE DAWN.He come to find on the network some coded files and a big file about Chicago, he downloaded some of the codes but not all of them.During that, KAYVEN,do some PR with Firewall and Illuminatus.At the return of BARMAN a couple of minutes later,they start their work on the statuette and examine it under a very suspicious eye.The PC came to realise that this statuette is fake and without any seconds to lose, they go back to Monika and ask for the real statuette.At their demise, Monika told the PC that this is the statuette they brought with them, that their is no fake or real or copy made of this statuette…she gave the real one.After a while they came to the conclusion that the statuette was a forgery from the beginning.



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