World of Darkness; Darkness Fall

The Other Side Of The Curtain

Dark and foggy streetMusic: santa_monica_theme2 Mage the awakening
A Warm Place Nine Inch Nails
Ghosts I Nine Inch Nails

Location: Chicago City
Time: 17:57


[[:james-frost | James Frost]],[[:patrick-o-tooles | Patrick O`Tooles]] and [[:tyler-dickinson | Tyler Dickinson]] called [[:mr-anderson | Mr.Anderson]] around 18h and accepted the offer to join this mystic and secretive society.Anderson ask from each of them to pask light and be prepared to leave and not come back for a while and to wait for [[:monika | Monika]] coming picking up the PC`s.After a while and finally all gathered in Monika`s car , they took the direction of the docks one more time and arrived in front of a hangar labeled # 6.Entering the hangar, the PC`s noticed inside the hangar a laptop open on a rusted table and Mr.Anderson waiting for them.At this time of the day we are around 20:03.

The hangar was filled with wooden containers and boxes and the air was kind of dusty.The first thing that the PC`s noticed was the triangle drawed on the floor with 3 white candles at each point of the triangle.James Frost recognized some alchemical symbols around the drawing with some runes that seems kind of similar to those on the stone he saw at the museum of Chicago.

Music: A Dark Knight The Dark Knight

Anderson started to explain what was about to happen and the need to empty the mind before throwing themselves in this “ritual”.Anderson capitalize on the need to meditate a good 30 minutes and focusing on nothing in particular.He warned them from the fear of the unknown and not to panic whatsoever happen.Suddenly, Tyler heard a kind of scratching sound coming from the back of the hangar and with some attention, he realise it was the sound of someone limpjng.At their grand suprise, the vile russian brute appeared, wounded and in bad shape and not so happy.The russian thug asked for the statuette and told Anderson that he will be leaving after.Anderson approached a little in front of the brute and pointed a handgun at him,Monika made the same move but was at the back of everyone hided from the russian thug.At this moment, the tension started to be feeled and Frost,Dickinson and O`Toole kept themselves on their guard.Frost started to engage a conversation with the thug about his motivations and was answered about not to trust Anderson at all, that he was a bad guy and a liar.[[:vlad | The Russian brute]] explained about the dangers to open themselves to some powers and knowledges,all answered by Anderson with a big silence.Anderson cut the conversation and told the brute that he will have back his damn statuette but to leave for ever and not interfere again in the future….the brute accepted and Anderson lowered his gun and gave back the statuette to the russian thug.After a last word of warning from the thug to the PC`s, he left the hangar.After that intermission,Frost,O`Toole and Dickinson started their meditation each one of them at their discretion.During that time,O`Toole took a sneaking attitude toward the laptop and Monika and Anderson interaction with it.Only strange symbols,kind of crypted, appeared on the laptiop screen.After a 30 minutes of meditation,Anderson invited the PC`s to take place at each corner of the triangle with an attitude of emptiness and calm.

Music: de nocte simulacrum sugere consugere Darkness enshroud

After a couple of minutes, the characters started to feel warmer and the lights from the candles started to filled the hangar from the characters point of view, and felt their body disapearring from the hangar and rematerialise somewhere else.

Frost reappeared not so far from the old ruined house he saw in his first experience in this dead land of gray and windy realm.He was back again ! Their was again those dark particules transported by the cold wind all around Frost and he decided to start walking toward the ruined house.Arrived to the house, he realise that it was only one facade of a house in ruins and tried to hide from the wind but no success so far.He decide to take a direction and see where that will lead.After a long walk, he arrived of what seems a crypt with a half opened door.With no effort, he opened the door and a staircase going downward was his only way in,toward darkness.With trust in himself he ventured inside and started going downward.After a dark and unsure travel he finally started to see some strange glowing mushroom lighting the way and finally a large cavern at the bottom of the stone staircase.Frost saw at far a stone ceremonial table and something shiny on the table.As he approached, he realise that the shiny thing was a coin with skull engraved on it.As he touch it to take it,Frost realise that he was surronded by a warm light and started to feel again his body and as the light started to fade away,the environment was quite different.He was now inside a shed,placed at the corner of a similar triangle but this one drawed on a wooden floor, and a man in a wheelchair arboring a welcoming smile.

O`Toole realise after what seems seconds,that he was in a foetal position inside a room too small for him with a small door just big enough to escape the stony and cold room.When finally be out of the room,he realise that the outside wasn`t so welcoming with that strong wind and some particules being blown and going everywhere without any destinations.O`Toole decided to choose a direction and started to walk that way.After what seems hours, he started to heard the ringing of a bell mixed with the noise of the cold wind.As he approach the bell ringing,O`Toole saw at far a metal pole,inclined at 45 degrees,planted in the soil with a leather pouch attach to it and a bell made of iron.Arrived more closely at the metal rod,O`Toole hesitated before touching the pouch or the bell and decided to try to contact the voice he heard before in his first experience of reality switching,but no success.After a while, he decided to detach the leather pouch and opened it.He found a couples of coins inside and when he arrived to take them, he felt his body desintegrated particules by particules to finally reappear inside a warm light and a place that seems to be the inside of a shack.Realising that he was elsewhere and taking a quick look around, O`Toole saw Frost not so far from him and a man in a wheelchair in front of a laptop.

Dickinson was surrounded by the warm light from the candles when suddenly, everything went dark and silent.After a couple of seconds he realise that he was in complete darkness,eyes opened and the fall of a drop of water was the only noise echoing in this dark and humid place.Dickinson started to venture blindly into the darkness and come to realise that the floor was rocky and not leveled at all.He came to touch what seems a stalagmyte and concluded that he was somewhere underground.Suddenly, a mixed voice of a man, a woman and a child asked Tyler why is he here.Dickinson told that he was following the way and asked where he needed to go to continue his course.The voice told Tyler to go straight up and there he will find the way.Following the advice of the mixed voice, he walked straight up inside the pitchblack cavern.He arrived at a rocky slope and found at touch a wooden club.With a strange feeling,Tyler knew somehow that he posseded the faculty to light the club only with his will.Obliging his will,he light up the club and came to have a look at where he was.A cavern like he never saw and a kind of stone staircase climbing to a upper level at far.Reaching the kind of staircase,Tyler climbed it and came to a stone wall.That part of the wall was clearly man made and in the middle of it was that carved insigna…a gauntlet of some kink.When Dickinson touched the curved insigna, he felt that some kind of force and/or presence smashed with a evil will his body to the point of voluntarily inflict pain and frustation.When finally taking back conscience,Tyler was again inside that warm light and realise too that he was inside a shack with Frost and O`Toole not so far from him and that strange man in a wheel chair.

Music: The Order of Death Public Image Ltd.
Never Land (A Fragment) The Sisters Of Mercy
Circles In The Sand The Eternal Afflict

All too weirded by what happened, the man in the wheelchair told to relax and go have a seat at the couch in the corner of the room, answers are coming but for now they need to wait a little bit for Mr.Anderson and Monika.The PC`s followed the whellchair man instructions and seated themselves and started to asked themselves what happened from the hangar to this place.O`Toole was the only one who kept shut.After a while, Anderson and Monika appeared inside the room and the lights from the candles started to fade to a more normal light radiation radius.Anderson asked the PC`s if everything was alright and told them to wait a couples of minutes here inside and that he will be back to answer all the questions the characters will have.Anderson,Monika and the man in wheelchair went outside a couple of minutes and during that time,Dickinson examined the laptop on the table,the candles on the floor and the symbols around it and realise that no wires were connected at all leaving him very perplex.Frost and O`Toole were in the dark and were wondering where they were.

After a while, Anderson came back alone and answered the characters questions.What they gathered in informations was that the way they used to appeared “here” is a portal in the timespace continum.That they were to be introduced to a hermetic and secret society.That the characters now needed to have a shadow name that they will use now on.They learned that their identity is to be changed.Anderson asked the characters to follow him and be ready to be welcomed by a group called the HERMETIC ORDER OF THE DAWN.Been outside after that conversation,they embarck inside a econoline van,one adapted for the man in the wheelchair,with Monika at the wheel.During the way out of the woods,they hit the road and realise that they were following a coastal route at night.During the trip, Tyler asked the man in the wheelchair his name and Firewall introduce himself.Tyler asked him about the cavern and where he was exactly.Firewall smiled and told Tyler that he was somewhere called PANDEMONIUM, one of the pure dimension in a sort.

Music: Stabat Mater Dolorosa Ophelia’s Dream
Victory Starts Here, In The Land Of Completion Ordo Equilibrio … for My Love Arcana
Anywhere Out Of The World Dead Can Dance
Lost Passion Delerium Stone Tower
Afterhours Eleven Shadows


After a good 30 minutes,the characters finally arrived at a old house in a part of town who looked residential and wealthy.Inside the house, the characters felt like entering inside a small museum with all the eclectic and oldish objects all around.They all sat in the living room and a woman introduced herself as Verbena.Welcoming and introduction were engaged by her and told to wait for the leader of this society,that he was preparing himself and will be with them shortly.During the wait, beverages and food was offered and the characters indulged their hunger and thirst.After a while, a very well dress and elegant man appeared in the living room.The first thing that the characters observed was the way that man was looking at them.A gaze imprinted by crazyness and wisdom at the same time.He welcomed the characters and introduced himself as Illuminatus.The PC`s introduced themselves with their shadow names as follow:Jack Frost is now KYVEN,Patrick O`Toole is now BARMAN and Tyler Dickinson is now X.That man asked Anderson if everything was alright and Anderson told Illuminatus that a russian man came to kill him and Monika but succeded to kill the brute before anything bad came.Illuminatus decided to leave that to a further conversation in private and told the characters where they will sleep tonight.Verbena tour the house a little and guided the PC`s in the basement,where rooms were ready for them with a little leaving room to chill out if they felt like so.Verbena told the PC`s to relax and that others answers will come tomorrow and to not venture to the second floor of the house.The PC`s learned that Anderson and Monika were leaving together at the next house and the backyard was opened with the backyard of this house.Everyone went to sleep except for Tyler who decided to search for cameras and hidden rooms with the sense of no cameras systems or any secret room somewhere.Going against Verbena orders,Dickinson reached the second floor in stealth mode.At far,he saw light coming under a closed door and some shadow moving in the light.After a while, he decide to open a door.The first one he tried to open was closed and decide to try another one.Finally succeding at opening the second door, he realise that he opened a bedroom door and someone was sleeping in a bed,he decided to close the door and go reached his bed in the basement




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