World of Darkness; Darkness Fall

Darkness Fall : Session 1

Wo d4

Intro/ Cut Away
Music used: The Host Of Seraphim / Dead Can Dance
Location: Unknown
Time :Unknown

We are in a forest, surrounded by vegetations and wild life noises.We hear the panting of someone running and the noise of some cracking branches.Suddenly, a woman clothed in a medival/rag style emerge from the vegetation with something in a brown rag that she is carrying.She take a stop and look back with fear in her eyes.She looks unsure to where to go next and start again tu run at her left.

We are at her POV seeing right hand pushing away branches of vegetation to clear the path ahead when suddenly we see the edge of a cliff and the sea in front of us.The sky is overcast and we hear the BANG of something in the sky.There is a fireball far away falling toward the horizon,lighting the gray sky.The woman look back again and hear the voices of mens yielling in a strange dialect.She approach of the cliff,reveal her carrying and we see a urn in wood.She whisper in a strange language and do some hands gestures over the urn.Some runes appears over the urn and flashes blue,she let the urn fall over the cliff and start to cry.

We see the urn falling and reaching the water and start floating away.Suddenly, the urn with a blue light aura turn invisible and only that blue aura still indicate us that the urn is still floating.

The woman see mans in military garments coming at her when we hear a sonic explosion and a loud rumble, the earth shakes and a blinding light emerge everywhere,She cover her eyes and feel a strong wind/ breath of something enveloping her…..


Scene 1
Music Used: Floating Museum Kenji Kawai Ghost In The Shell
Nightstalker Kenji Kawai Ghost In The Shell
Moving Through Time Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me
Location: Chicago Museum
Time: 15:32

James Frost works in the laboratory basement of the Chicago museum of anthropology with others coworkers cleaning some of the exhibits when he`s poked by harry, a nerdy and shy labtech.He learn that the Director Mr.Phelan want to see him right away at is office.James Frost goes right away and meet with the director.He have a nice conversation about how the presence of James is appreciated and finally, he is offered a unique job.Studying and deciphering a rare object from a Mr.Anderson.The job is for 2 days,starting tonight at the museum annex laboratory situated in the modern basement of the Chicago Historical Society.There he will meet with Mr.Anderson.James accept and chi chat about the possibility to visit the museum as from his arrival,he never took the time to visit the exhibit,Mr.Phelan he`s very happy of the request and give James a keycard pass to navigate the differents sections of the museum after the business hour.

James Frost visit the museum and in the Easter Island section, he found a strange runic rock with no description attach to it.From a professional POV,he is unnable to identify the origins of the runes and decide to alert the director of this strange occuring.Being back at the director office, both of them go see the rock in question and the director seems upset and offer no answers to James as why there is a runic rock in this part of the exhibit that have no connections whats o ever with the eastern island civilization.Mr.Phelan offer to go talk with Anna Dorovkievtomorrow as she is the responsible of this part of the exhibit.

After that,James Frost go grab something to eat and prepare himself for the later encounter with Mr.Anderson.
it` s near 18:15.

scene 2
Music used: Soliloquy Midnight Syndicate Out of the Darkness
Location: Safe House/Diego Restaurant
Time: 16:02
Tyler Dickinson is seated in a leather couch with Diego Pucci and a low rank mob member guarding the place seated in the corner of the room.Everything is well cleaned and the furniture is quite simple.Diego Pucci lights a cigaret and start to talk toTyler Dickinsonabout the “job” and the reasons why Diego need the expertise of Tyler Dickinson.Tyler learn that if this job is succesful, Diego will be promoted to an higher rank in the mob.Tyler accepted the job in question and told Diego that he wanted no money at all, only a place to work in one of Diego`s restaurant as a waiter or a dishwasher.

The job is to go “COLLECT” a rare object inside a wooden box.Tyler have a old picture of the box and notice that the wooden box have some runes carved on it.Diego was very specific about the fact to not open in any case the runic box, only to grab it and meet again with Diego for the delivery.The location of the theft is The Chicago Historical Society.Tyler learn that he have 2 days to do the job.Without second thinking, he planned to go scout the sourrondings and go buy some stuff for this dirty job.Tyler Dickinson learns that this location is guarded by a dog called Toby and there is some spot lights that are surely connected to an alarm system.He decide to go inside as it`s open to everybody and use his english accent to make himself pass for a Brit, looking for some interesting monuments and historical locations.He`s meet by Samantha that take the time to tour Tyler.At the same time, Tyler scout the interior of the place and clear things up for the infiltration plan later tonight.When Tyler Dickinsonis back for the action, it`s around 02:00am ready to do this “last job”.

scene 3
Music Used: Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do) Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me
The Beast Milt Buckner Mulholland Drive
Bring It On Home Sonny Boy Williamson Mulholland Drive
Jitterbug Angelo Badalamenti Mulholland Drive
fats revisited Angelo badalamenti Lost highway
Dinner Party Pool Music Angelo Badalamenti Mulholland Drive

Location: The Owl`s Hooter Bar
Time: 17:00

Patrick O`Toolesstart his shift at the bar as usual by cleaning some glasses and preparing himself to the unbelievable stories and all the needy patrons that will sit their asses on this bar, babling some non-sense.His first client is Mike as usual.Patrick O`Toolesgreets him and start talking about how the day has been.Mike complain, as usual, about life and how things used to be more “fun” in the past and come to confess about the fact that Mike is asking himself if he start to losing it.Mike tells Patrick that he`s unable sometimes, to differ between the dream and the reality.Patrick reassure him that it`s quite normal sometimes to feel that way and it`s surely nothing important,Patrick offer a beer to old Mike for compassion.It`s near 18:15 andjennystart her shift a little late and in an hurry.A couple of minutes later, a strange man enter the place and look intoxicated…Patrick O`Tooles ask him if he is ok and the old man answer with a nod and a drunk expression.After assuring himself that this man is safe and will not cause troubles, Patrick give the man something to drink.After engaging the conversation the old man tell Patrick that he`s mob member and it`s name is Anthony.

After a couple of questions,Patrick O`Tooleslearns that this Anthony, is very ill and his doctor have announced him that he have only a couples of months to live.Anthonyconfess that he find very ironic the fact that he`s been contracted to kill a man ,as a mob member, that he know nothing of and he is himself a dead man in a sort.Patrick O`Tooles go fetch a very old and pricy bootle of liquor and start to pour some inside Anthony glass.A couple of minutes later, a new patron enters the place and come sit at the bar,it`s …Diego Pucci.Diego bables about the fact that he`s looking for a man to hire, for some job.He sugest to Patrick a job if he is interested and gave him a business card of some of his restaurant in chicago.

It is near 22:10 when suddenly a hobo, dirty and smelly enter the place and look very agitated and drunk.Patrick O`Toolesapproach the man and realise that the hobo is bleeding a lot from what appear a stomach wound.The man hold a dirty brown bag and feel on the floor and start to agonize.All the patrons are shutted silent and some are not so sure how to react to this situation.A couple of seconds after, the sirens are heard and Diego Pucci fly away from the scene.The poor man whispers something into the ear of Patrick..“SOCIETY” and give away his brown bag and close his eyes forever.Patrick take the brown bag and try to take it unnoticed.The police arrive with the first aid emergency team and all the cavalry after that.The bar is closed and Patrick go home.

At home,Patrick O`Tooles open the bag and find a statuette in clay with an adress.After a quick research, he realise that the adress is the Chicago Historical Society and decide to call for at least leaving a message.He is answered by James Frost and after a rapid exchange,Patrick decide to go give back this strange statuette.

scene 4:
Music: santa_monica_theme 2 Vampire:Bloodlines
Location:Historical Society

James Frostarrive at the Chicago Historical Society and he`s greeted by Aroldthe guard of the place.They exchange some usual intros and sip some coffee when Monikaarrive in the place with a controlling attitude.She and James go down to the small laboratory downstairs and Arold enter the digital code to access the lab from the outside.Monika start to excuse Mr.Anderson for not being here and sent her at his place.She calm the situation with her being very intrusive and tell James about her reading about James articles and some others public appearances in science papers and stuff.After that, she give James a quick info gathering about the Unique Artefact that Mr.Anderson wants to be analyze by James.He learn that the Object in question have been found in Spain and have no relations with what so ever the period and the culture of the place.Monika reveal the contening of the fireproof safe on the table and pull out a wooden box with stranges runes over it.James automatically recognize the runes to be similar in shapes and curves as the runes from the strange stone from the Easter Island.Inside the box, he fall in awe when he sees the object he will be working on…an old and perfectly clock made from silver,gold and some other pure materials harboring runic symbols in parts of the mechanism of the clock.

Monikaoffer James a starting payment of 1k and leave the place to let James start his research over the artefact.Before leaving, Monika tell James that Mr.Anderson will come later in the night.James Frostin all his research found the significance of one of the symbols and experienced the witness of the symbol radiating a soft blue light.Intriged,James started to concentrate on the clock and the symbols and closed his eyes.A couple of minutes after, he started to heard the wind around him, Fear started to gain him but succed to keep his cold blood and decided to open his eyes.He saw a landscape in gray all around him,feeling alone …very alone.There were black pieces of material flying around him transported by this cold wind.James saw for what appear a old shack/house far away and decided to close his eyes again for finally return to the basement lab,his hands on the clock.After a moment,Arold comebuy and ask James if he could come at the fromt door,resolving a situation concerning a artefact with someone who called this very night.James agreed and brought with him the clock deviice in the case with him leaving only the notes on the counter.Upstairs, he make the acquaintance of Patrick O`Tooles.


Patrick arrive at the Historical Society and make the acquaitance of The Russian brutewho ask Patrick to give him back the statuette in a intimidating tone.Patrick refuse and the russian man ask again but this time, he offer to pay for it and give some warning about the fact that the statuete will bring only bad luck and problems.Patrick refuse and climb the stairs and ring the bell.Patrick encounter Arold and give him back the strange artefact in clay.Arold ask if he is mr.Anderson and patrick say No.Arold catch a glimpse of the russian man who seem very upset and see him coming at him.It`s near 01:12 am.Arold ask Patrick to wait a little bit and go fetch James frost downstairs.A couple of minutes later, James can put a face on who called tonight about this strange statuette.

Suddenly,the russian man climbed the stairs and approached James and ask him to give him back the damn statuette and specified that he was ready to pay for it.James refused and told the russian man that this piece of artefact must be in a museum and not in the hands of someone.Patrick tried to whispers quietly at James that this statuette was on a man that died this very night and gave it to him when suddenly,the russian man reacting to this revelation saying that it will be better for Patrick to leave the place and never come back.Patrick decided to leave this place and took a cab,returning home with the only envy of having a beer.James closed the door and took with him the clay statuette.A couple of minutes later, an explosion was heard and an huge fireball emerge near the Historical Society.James and Arold decided to call the cop,and James asked for a agent concerning the theft of relics ,using his status among investigation groups.

scene 5
Music: Revolver Ocelot metal gear solid 2
Location:Historical Society
Time:02:03 am

Tyler Dickinsonarrived at the Historical Society fulled prepared for the theft.He parked his rented car a little bit away and started to scout the surroundings.He gave Tobya solid dose of sleeping pills mixed in a piece of meat and Toby entered the world of dog dreams a couple of minutes later.Making the tour of the mansion,Tyler decided to infiltrate by removing a window leading to the basement of the mansion.Knowing by the lights from the basement, Tyler knew that there was someone there and problably the artefact too.Fufilling is larceny,Tyler saw a digital pad that was necessary to enter the basement lab.After reflections,Tyler decided to replace the window and decided to create a diversion.Tyler found a old rag and opened the gas tank of a nerby car and lit the rag running like hell to cover himself from the eminent explosion.Creating a fireball in the middle of the night, Tyler brought himself back at the window and saw someone leaving the basement lab with a suitcase climbing the stairs to reach the level upstairs.Tyler decided to infiltrate himself through the window and saw that the man forgot to close the lab door .Tyler entered the lab,scouting for the wooden box and found a fireproof case on the table with somes notes handwritten.He decided to refuge himself into the bathroom and waited ther before changing his plan and hided himself under the working table knowing that he could`nt be seen.




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