World of Darkness; Darkness Fall

Darkess Fall:Session 2

Darkness on the street

Music: The Tree Within Arcana
Location: En Route to O`Toole appartment


After thoses strange happenings, Patrick O`Tooles decided to take a cab and go home to a good night sleep.During is way back, he been victim of events making him arriving later than expexted at his appartment.Finally arriving, he opened a beer and sat down on the couch when the phone started to rang with false numbers and silences .After that it was the door bell who startedd to rang with a drunk guy at the door.In the impossibility to relax,O`Toole started to get angry and unpluged the phone.

MUSIC: Floating Museum Kenji Kawai Ghost In The Shell

At the Historical Society,James Frost met with the detective Miller and explainwhat he saw and about the statuette and the need to place it back to a museum.After a acouples of questions, Miller decided to stop the investigation for now and told James Frost to stay in town for some future questions regarding the case.James Frost grabed his things and left the Historical Society with the strange object with him.He entered his van and started to reexamine the statuette.After a few minutes, he called back Mr.Anderson when suddenly he heard the horning of a car and a thumb on his van.


Tyler Dickinsonescaped the basement lab and reached his car.Thinking very fast, he decided to station his car in a way to see James Frost when he will leave the building.After a couple of minutes,he saw James Frost leaving the Historical Society with a briefcase….he decided to wait and will follow him with his car.Tyler waited when he saw a bulky silouhette who appeared armed, approaching Frost`s van.Without thinking twice, Tyler started the car and ram the shadowy figure and pushed franticlly his car horn.

James Froston the phone, explained to Mr.Andersonwhat happened and reassured him about still having the rare object with him.After hearing the horn,James Frost decided to go outside his van and saw Tyler in a car telling him to embark with him and promising him some answers after telling Frost that Dickinson and Frost lives where at stake.On his way out, Frost saw the bulky russian lyong in front of the car covered in blood and half conscious….he gave him a hit with his bootright in the face of the vile russian brute..he felled k.o.during their escape,Frost saw a man starring at him at far but wans`t able to clearly define the man features.

Music: rose of arimathea Hans Zimmer The Da Vinci Code-(OST)

During their way out,Tyler cutted a deal with Frost and camed cleaned about his assigment and the necessity for him to rob the strange wooden box.A little perplex,Frost called back Anderson and explain him what was happening and what to do.Tyler decided to stop the car under the railway pass.At the moment that Tyler saw the wooden box when Frost decided to show him, Tyler kind of woke up in another dimension.

Music: atrium carceri Cellblock

Tyler was seating in a rusted car surrounded by a post-apocalyptic landscape.In front of him was that tall and ruined skyscaper.He came outside the car and started to walk in direction of the building when suddenly he reappear in the middle of the street in Chicago and with the help of James Frost,dodged a incoming car who stopped and started yelling some harsh words at the characters.Right after those events,Tyler confessed about the “other world” and Frost told him that he knew what he was talking about because he experienced it earlier this very night.Frost dedide to call back Anderson and a meeting point was decided…a internet cafe not so far from the museum of Chicago.

rose of arimathea Hans Zimmer The Da Vinci Code-(OST)

Patrick O`Tooles was finally relaxing when the doorbell rang ..again! almost pissed, he realise that it was Monika at the door and she seemed tired and impatient.With a brief intro, she invited O`Toole to a rendez-vous with a man named Mr.Anderson and it was concerning the statuette and the death of the hobo earlier that night.Finally accepting the ’INVITATION" and telling to himself that this night will be one to remenber,got himself in the car with Monika to meet Mr,Anderson.

Music: Mulholland Drive Angelo Badalamenti

Arriving at the rendez-vous point, inside a internet cafe, O`Toole met with Mr.Anderson one on one,Monika waiting outside in the car.For O`Toole, it was just crazy talk, stranges occurences,time distortion,destiny manipulations and so on…Mr.Anderson finally got O`Toole attention and propose him to met two others individuals who experienced some weirdness in link to what happened this night.Promised by answers and some sense of this very night,O`Toole accepted to wait and see for himself.A couple of minutes after,the two others individuals arrived in a car and were welcomed by Anderson,Monika and O`Toole.

Frost and Dickinson joined the gathering and Frost realised that he met Patrick O`Toole earlier at the Historical Society.The PC introduced themselves and the “troupe” was finally created :)yeah!

Anderson was taken apart by Tyler and Frost and talked about Tyler necessity to bring back this wooden box in the hand of his employer.Anderson accepted to leave the strange object in the hand of Tyler but before he needed to verify something with O`Toole.All party agreed and they finally arrived inside a desert hangar numbered #6.Inside the hangar was junk and a old table, Anderson opened the wooden box and installed the clock device on the table asking O`Toole to concentrate himself on the object and empty his mind.After a couple of minutes of silence,O`Toole realised that he was somewhere else.A dead land with a strong wind,the feeling of emptiness and sadness.A voice behind him told him not to worry about not been able to save the hobo..he was marked anyway.After a short conversation, O`Toole was back inside the hangar.
Anderson explained that Patrick was inside a “pure dimension” and told him that Patrick was able to reach powers and knowledges that are unreachable on the moment but not if he decided to join a selective society.That invitation was given to all PC and they were to decide yes or no to join tomorrow at 18h by calling Anderson to give him a answer.

It`s not far from 06:10 and the sun `s pointing at the horizon.O`Toole decided to go downtown and found some hard drugs to differienciate from what he experienced at the hangar and the drug trip to verify if all this was not an elaborate hallucination.Dickinson leaved the hangar with the wooden box and the strange clock inside it.Tyler bought an airport locker and inside leaved the clock wrapped in a rag.Inside the wooden box, he filled it with underwears and called Diego Pucci to gave him the object in question.After a small talk and agreeing on the final terms of the contract, Tyler gave Diego a false hotel adress and left the place and hided into another hotel room.He shaved his head to make sure nobody will recognize him.Concerning Frost,he presented himself at his job at the museum and ask to talk with Anna Dorovkievabout the strange rock.Frost asked for a special permission to take the rock and examine it at the museum lab.He took the rock and another piece of rock of similar size with the idea to create a replica of it.

CUT AWAY: We see a pair of shoes,shiny and black coming out of a vehicle.They stop and a briefcase is posed on the concrete floor.The man go back inside his car and start the engine, leave the place and we realise from a back point of view, we are on the docks in the morning around 10:33 am.We see the orange pants of the docks workers approaching the suitcase and see a hand grabing the suitcase in question.The hands open the suitcase and we see inside it a clock device similar to what Anderson used to “awake” O`Toole.We hear a voice yelling something about going inside the office for a couple of minutes and being back very soon.We see that this man is Mike.At large on the highway we follow a black car, we get inside from the driver point of view and see a hand composing on a cellphone fixed on the daskboard, a voice come out and tell" YES.." the driver respond " IT`S DONE "
the voice on the phone respond " GOOD WORK!" and the driver say " THANK YOU, I WILL BE CALLING YOU BACK VERY SOON MR.ANDERSON." and the conversation stop .We follow the car on the highway and distance ourself from the car going straight up… END.



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