Darkcity  chicagohi. Welcome to my world of darkness campaign!

Reality is a lie !

There is powers lurking in the shadows, some from this world others from strange realities.With time,they reinforced their grapple over humanity and some are called to join them or….destroy `em.Every sphere of existance is regulated, supervised or corrupted and no one is to be unwatchted.It`s in this climate of paranoia and secrets that our protagonists will evolve and be initiated to knowledges that will change their lives forever.

Will they be paranoid enough or too much…How can you see when darkness fall and your only light is doubt and uncertainties.

From mundane lives to weird events, Patrick O`Toole, James Frost and Tyler Dickinson destinies are entwined and are draged to join the other side of the curtain.Will they answer the call ?….Dark street 2

World of Darkness; Darkness Fall